Power Boats

The Bridge to Bridge Powerboat Classic
is the boaters answer to the Bathurst 1000
Delusional 6lt open class displacement Chev powered was leading its
class until a mechanical failure (broken rod after spinning a bearing)
15km from the finish.
The Contractor 6lt restricted class won
its class in a time of 54 mins. 10 sec.
The Powerboat Classic is held each
May on the Hawkesbury River. The
start is near Brooklyn Bridge approx.
110km to the finish at Windsor Bridge.

Winning with ET !! Congratulations Nicole Kirkwood


Circuit Boats 2006 - Dargle Valley
Welcome aboard, "Go Girl" Nicole! ET were testing at Dargle
with Craig Bailey.
ET will be further supporting
Power Boating in 2006
and beyond.
  Congratulations, King of the
  River, Malcolm Everingham

2006 Australian F1 Superboat Championships
round 2 Toukley March 4th and 5th
Craig Bailey  
The usually ultra fast previous Champ has been the benchmark in F1. However, "I think I stepped on
a Chinaman this weekend" said Craig after sustaining uncommon engine problems.
Craig will be trialling ET Racing Fuel as a better replacement fuel for the category, which currently
mostly uses Avgas.
ET has been in contact with the F1 Superboats Managing Director, Kirk Tsaccounis, where the
Superboat category's future fuel usage is under discussion, remembering that Avgas is currently
only used under an exemption to the Federal Government's Fuel Determination Act 2000,
due to elapse 31st December 2006.

ET 102 is primarily a high-end Premium Unleaded Petrol (102 Octane) designated as a commercial pump fuel, meeting the criteria of the Federal Government’s Fuel Standards and the Petrol Determination Acts.
These hydrocarbon petroleum fuel products have been developed, tested and proven in the field.
The products a have been certified by major motorsport regulators, FIA (Federation Internationale de L’Automobile), CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motorsport) and ANDRA (Australian National Drag Racing Association), for use in motorsport and are currently used in a variety of motor racing today.
ET Racing Fuels' premium Unleaded products utilize the latest in enhanced lubrication technology and anti corrosive technology far superior to old conventional ‘leaded’ petroleum fuel technology.
ET Racing Fuels' products contain no lead therefore Fuel Passbooks, as required for the purchase of leaded products and Avgas, are not required for the purchase of ET Racing Fuels' range of products.
A broad range Unleaded Petroleum fuel developed for use in most high performance road and competition engines where dynamic cylinder pressures require the use of a better quality, higher octane fuel than found in conventional premium fuels, so as to provide maximum efficiency of the engine configuration and eliminate mechanical failure due to problems associated with detonation.
Can be used in all normally aspirated engines of any configuration whether fed by carburettor or fuel injection systems and based on high compression ratios, dependant only on volumetric efficiency of the engine configuration.
Can be used in most turbocharged or supercharged applications and used to enhance the performance of and in conjunction with Nitrous Oxide Systems.

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